Tuning Element’s Aqua Tune bottle offers Structured Water on the go.


Water is essential to the process of helping your body circulate better. Our body is nearly 70% water, so the type of water you consume can greatly impact your health and energy level. Tuning Element’s energetic technology in AquaTune bottles changes or “tunes” water into Structured Water. Based on Noble Prize-winning research, Structure Water provides deeper hydration which increases the health qualities and abilities of water. Additionally, many Tuning Element customers have reported 20% more effective when combining their products with the AquaTune.

The health benefits of Structured Water are becoming more widely recognized as doctors recommend drinking structured water, the same water that our AquaTune produces. Dr. Mercola and Dr. Axe both point to the groundbreaking research of Dr. Gerald Pollack. Both Dr. Mercola and Dr. Axe cite Dr. Pollack’s work on Structured Water. A post on states, “Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington is one of the leading authorities on structured water”. Because of the many roles that water and hydration have in the body, structured water is said to benefit:

Energy levels

Digestion and regularity

Enzymes that help with nutrient absorption

Mental Focus

Muscle contractions

Positive moods

Ability to sleep well

Blood pressure and cholesterol levels



Weight control

Kidney and liver health

Joint health

The daily use of a Tuning Element Aqua Tune bottle is a great way to support a living healthy lifestyle. Tips for use: Pour water into your Aqua Tune Bottle and wait 60 seconds before consumption. 

Dr. Popp, he is a German physicist who has written 150 scientific journal articles and eight books and his research shows Structured Water encapsulates micro-particles.


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